Fertility & Wellness Coaching

Are you tired of feeling powerless?

Are you exhausted by the physical and emotional stress of trying to conceive?

Are you frustrated by the uncertainty of the future and the inability to make plans?

Are you over being told to “just relax” by people who don’t understand?

It is easy to feel like we don’t have control when trying to conceive, but in reality there are so many things that we can do to positively affect our health, happiness and fertility during this time.

Hi, I’m Sandie. I experienced years of infertility, repeated miscarriages and a stillbirth before becoming a mum to two boys in a turn of events that felt like nothing less than a miracle.

Trying to conceive affected me on every level: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It impacted every area of my life: my relationship, my career, my friendships, my finances and my relationships with family. 

I used many wonderful tools during this time to keep myself stable and positive, but there was so much more that I didn’t know about then. 

Now, as a holistic health coach, I have a lot of knowledge and understanding of the human body, including the effect of our food and exercise choices on our fertility, how our modern environment impacts us, the interplay of stress and health and the importance of self care. 

I wish I could go back in time to when I was struggling and tell myself all that I know now! Instead, I help others like you who need this information and support right now, through my personalised health coaching programme for fertility and wellness.  

I am passionate about empowering women and couples to make positive changes to take charge of their fertility and wellbeing.

Self care is vital for you during this time. More than ever, you need care and nurturing on every level. I provide a safe place for you to focus on your own health and wellbeing.

Fertility & Wellness Programme

This three month personalised programme supports you to utilise a range of practical methods to reduce your stress and enhance your health, happiness and fertility.

Each programme is personalised and will focus on your individual priorities. The following is an indication of likely content:

Nutrition: food and stress, food and fertility, real food, bio-individuality, intolerances, sugar and hormones, supplements, reducing toxins, gut health

Managing stress: physical, mental and emotional, external and internal causes, your story, practical tips and tricks  

Lifestyle and environment: toxins, self-care, sleep, work-life balance

Healthy relationships: marriage or partnership, communication, intimacy and sex, male and female approaches to stress, family members, friendships, colleagues

Managing emotions: jealousy, grief, emotional exhaustion, disappointment, hope, fear, loneliness

Movement and exercise: difference between movement and exercise; bio-individuality of exercise; exercise, movement and fertility; stress management; what type of movement do you need?

Managing difficult situations: baby showers, pregnant friends, dealing with personal questions and inappropriate “advice”

Finding meaning: facing the “why”, spiritual practice, gratitude, the power of thoughts and beliefs, empowerment, practical tips and tricks for positivity

Note: If you become pregnant during the programme, fantastic! Much of our content remains applicable, but our focus shifts from fertility to early pregnancy.

What does the programme include?
  • An initial in-depth one hour discovery session to focus on your health history and personal priorities
  • Weekly half hour coaching sessions in person or on video call 
  • Handouts and resources specific to your needs
  • Summary notes of every session, including your goals
  • Support, encouragement and answers to questions between sessions via email or messaging
  • The loan of relevant books and DVDs
  • Free gifts and food samples
  • An additional month of email or messaging support at the end of the three months – a total of four months of support

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Who is the programme for?
  • Women or couples preparing for conception who would like to optimise their fertility, own health and the health of potential children. The health of parents at conception and during pregnancy sets up a child’s own health blueprint for his or her entire lifetime!
  • Women or couples experiencing difficulties conceiving who would like support and guidance to manage stress and optimise their health and fertility.
  •  Women or couples preparing for IVF who seek support and guidance to optimise their health and fertility.

There are a few different ways that I can work with both partners. Chat to me about what would work best for you.

Book a free Road Map session.

What is your investment?

Your investment for the full 4 months of support is only $479 – or 16 weekly payments of $29.95.

Sign up at the same time as a friend, enjoy each other’s support during the journey, and pay only $449 each – or 16 weekly payments of $27.95.


This has been an amazing experience as Sandie helped us to achieve our goal of a successful pregnancy through IVF.  Having Sandie support us has been invaluable. Having an extra support person, someone who genuinely cared and checked in on us and was interested in our progress, was fantastic.

The programme was what I expected but more. I really enjoyed talking about how to make better food choices, weight loss and stress management approaches. The information on detoxing and fertility foods was great. I loved the samples, especially the healthy snacks (bars, tea, chocolate, etc) and the stress management samples. The contact between sessions was amazing. It was nice to know that Sandie genuinely cared and I felt like I could contact her at any time with news or questions.

The way we incorporated Ian into the programme worked well for our situation. I liked that the two of us could work together with Sandie towards our goals and she was interested and supportive towards both of us. Having someone there from an outside perspective was really useful. Sandie really supported me and guided us. We cannot thank her enough for her support, kindness, patience and compassion.


My top three goals upon starting the programme were to eat healthier, to get ready to conceive and to get pregnant. Sandie helped me to achieve all of these goals by giving me healthier options to eat rather than all the sugary foods, giving me handouts to make me consider my choices and encouraging me weekly to try something new. The samples of products were great. They helped me to buy some new things and get healthier food for my cupboard.  I put on a bit of weight (which was good) and had less breakouts in my skin. I am able to get a lot more done in my day, as I’m not as tired as I used to be.

Sandie is very caring, kind and compassionate. She was approachable if I had any questions and asked regularly how I was doing. Sandie was amazing, so caring and kind. I felt very supported and I could share anything. I would recommend her to all of my friends who would like to make healthier choices in their life, or are struggling to conceive.