Health and Happiness Coaching

Our world today provides us with many challenges that our parents and grandparents did not face, and it is common to feel overwhelmed in one way or another.

You have over-scheduled, busy lives and never ending to do lists. You struggle to meet the needs of others and your own needs are neglected again and again.

You feel you should be more: more organised, more efficient, more productive, more energetic, more positive.  

You are tired. 

Many of you struggle with weight issues and health conditions.

You want to prioritise your own health but don’t know where to start or how to start.

Feeling this way may be common but it is definitely not okay.

Your health and happiness should not be at the end of your to do list.

Health changes everything.

When you make improvements to your health you trigger an upward spiral of positive change that brings you more of what you need: energy, enthusiasm, focus, efficiency and happiness.

Step by step, life becomes easier and easier.

Committing to a health coaching programme puts your health back at the top of your to do list.

You don’t have to do it alone.

I support you to prioritise your personal starting point and to clarify your individual goals, and together we work out strategies for your success.

Starting with small, achievable steps, you are on your path to health and happiness.

I provide you with tips, tricks and shortcuts, because making changes should be easy and effective wherever possible.

A Three Month Personalised Programme

This programme supports you to create new habits to bring you more energy, calm, health and happiness, in ways that work for you and your unique lifestyle. I support real people, with real lives, all over New Zealand.

Each programme is personalised and will focus on your individual priorities. The following is an indication of likely content:

  • The impact of food choices on mood, weight and energy levels
  • Shortcuts to relaxation and clear focus
  • Achieving quality sleep
  • Managing stress triggers
  • Making time work for you
  • Movement for wellbeing and energy
  • Gentle detoxification for increased energy
Why a Three Month Programme?

Why is this more effective than single coaching sessions?

  • The act of signing up for the programme is in itself a real commitment to improving your health, and sets you up for success.
  • Scheduled, regular coaching sessions maintain your focus through continual goal setting.
  • Meeting regularly provides accountability and encouragement to keep you on track.
  • During this time the relationship with your coach grows stronger and more effective.
  •  Having an end point encourages focus and motivation.
  • There is enough time to implement change in a way that truly works for you, so that it can last.
What does the programme include?
  • An initial in-depth one hour discovery session to focus on your health history and personal goals
  • Weekly half hour coaching sessions in person or on video call 
  • Handouts and resources specific to your needs
  • Summary notes of every session, including your goals
  • Support, encouragement and answers to questions between sessions via email or messaging
  • The loan of relevant books and DVDs
  • Free gifts and food samples
  • An additional month of email or messaging support at the end of the three months – a total of four months of support 

Book a free Road Map session. 

What is your investment?

Your investment for the full four months of support is only $479 – or 16 weekly payments of $29.95.

Sign up at the same time as a friend, enjoy each other’s support during the journey, and each pay only $449 – or 16 weekly payments of $27.95.


Sandie helped me work toward my goals by helping me break them down into easy to manage steps. She allayed my fears of failure and gently challenged me to question my strongly held beliefs in regard to food and health.

Sandie provided me with endless positive encouragement and helped me to keep everything in perspective. She helped me to see the positive changes I had made when I felt like I was failing and she believed in me when I didn’t. Sandie made me realise there is no ‘right’ way to reach my goals. I didn’t have to be paleo, gluten free, vegetarian, etc (unless that’s where I wanted to be!) It was all about being curious and finding what worked for me and my body and trusting the process. Finding my own pathway to health.

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been my attitude to improving my health and wellness. Sandie made me realise I could do this! I feel more at peace with the process and no longer feel in a rush just to get better. I am noticing more about my body and how it works and learning to live with my chronic illness in a more positive and healthy way. I am achieving my goals. My fatigue has improved. I am less impulsive and the weight loss is improving, as is my general health.



Sandie was able to help me work toward my health goals by meeting with me regularly as well as staying in touch between times, giving me another ear and some great encouragement and ideas to help me, and by being adaptable.
Since beginning the programme I have noticed that I now make conscious decisions, especially about food, and I don’t feel guilty any more for taking some down time. I feel happy about the decisions I am making. I know what to do and how to do it. I sleep better and feel generally less stressed and more at peace.

Sandie is adaptable, friendly and calm, with a non-judgmental listening ear. I am really grateful to have met with Sandie at a very low point when a lot of change was needed. She has a great deal of common sense which is very helpful, as is her down to earth personality.  I would recommend Sandie to anyone who wants to make a change, a transition, to get healthier, to get sorted.