Products I Love

This page is dedicated to sharing with you products that I use and love.

Circle and Bloom

Circle and Bloom make guided relaxations and visualisations based on the principle that our thoughts and emotions affect our body’s physical responses.  They have a wide range of products to support fertility, including audios for natural conception, IVF, PCOS, pregnancy and delivery.  When I was trying to conceive, I listened to a Circle and Bloom track each night before falling asleep. I went to sleep feeling positive and calm, and within a few months of using this programme I was pregnant! You can download the Fertility Relaxation Programme to try for free.

I still enjoy using Circle and Bloom products to support my general health. Their range includes visualisations for stress reduction, increased energy, better sleep, detoxification and reaching goals. I particularly love the Energy for Empowerment Programme, which focuses on metabolism, endocrine function, circulation and sleep.

Please note, I receive a small commission for recommending Circle and Bloom products to you if you decide to purchase, which helps to support my business. Thank you. 🙂

Visit Circle and Bloom here.
World Organics

Would you be happy to eat your skincare products? Everything we use on our skin is absorbed into our bodies, so it is vital to make good choices about our skincare and makeup. I love using World Organics’ divine range of New Zealand natural skin and beauty products. My personal favourite is the River Veda Replenish range, which leaves my skin (and me) feeling nourished and pampered.

Like all aspects of health, we all have individual needs for our skin. Nicola Rowlands at Beyond Skin is a wonderful source of advice about which World Organics products are best for your needs.  She also offers holistic skin treatments, make up and therapeutic treatments, which are a great chance to try some of the gorgeous World Organics products.

0210 549 633

Shop for World Organics here
Happy Horizons

This is another great New Zealand company with a lovely range of products. Pat’s “magic” magnesium cream is wonderful for general wellbeing, sore muscles, calm and deep sleep. I also love her toothpaste and deodorant which are both soothing, effective and contain no nasties. 

Visit Happy Horizons here.

I love HealthPost for very low prices on New Zealand and international products. They have great specials and speedy delivery. This link gives us both $5 credit when you create an account and place an order.

Visit HealthPost here.

iHerb offers many health and wellness products at prices significantly lower than we can access in New Zealand, as well as a range of international products. They stock supplements, food, skincare and more. It’s fun to try products that we don’t find in New Zealand. iHerb has great specials and I love their heavily discounted trial products. Fast shipping is now free for orders over US$40.

Here are a few of the products that I like purchasing from iHerb. This link gives us both 5% off our orders and is available to both old and new iHerb customers.

Visit iHerb here.
My favourite books

As you can imagine I love reading books about health and wellness, and I love sharing these books with clients.

One of my favourite authors is Dr Libby Weaver. She writes about practical ways to achieve stress reduction, increased energy and weight loss. She also has some new beautiful books on general health for women, including “Women’s Wellness Wisdom” and “What am I Supposed to Eat?”

I order my books from the Book Depository as their prices are so competitive and they offer free and quick delivery.

Visit the Book Depository here.
Grandad's Beef

Grandad’s Beef produce grass fed, hormone free, premium quality and nutrient dense free range beef using traditional farming methods. I love that their sausages are preservative free, and they taste great! Delivery is free for orders over $100. This is a great Kiwi business caring for our health and the environment. 

Visit Grandad's Beef here.

All of Purebread’s products are organic and they have a large range to suit every preference, including gluten free, dairy free and paleo. Purebread’s Young Buck loaf is one of the nicest gluten and grain free breads I have found, and it is very popular with kids. For those who love their wheat but want a healthier choice there are sourdoughs made from older varieties of wheat (commonly used before the modern modified wheat became prevalent). All of the breads are prepared using traditional methods which are much easier on the digestive system. 

There is a free gift with purchases over $35 each month, which is a fun way to try new products. Delivery to your home is free for orders over $26.

Visit Purebread here.