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These programmes all focus on achieving a single goal to boost your health and energy.

What do you receive?

  • 6 weekly one-on-one coaching sessions (first session 60 mins, subsequent sessions 30 mins) online or in person
  • Summary notes of every session, including your weekly goals
  • Support, encouragement and answers to questions between sessions via email or messaging
  • Handouts and resources
  • The loan of books and DVDs, where relevant
  • Gifts and samples

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar – 6 Week Programme

I support you to let go of sugar’s hold using a gentle approach, building in simple strategies for success each week. We look at simple adjustments to your current snacks and meals, how to interpret misleading food labels, which savoury foods help us to reduce sugar and how our beliefs around sugar impact our nutrition. This programme is not about deprivation, but about introducing delicious new foods that support your health on every level, moving you beyond the energetic “peak and crash” cycle of a sugary diet and towards physical and emotional balance.

Let Go of Stress – 6 Week Programme

Together we look at the inter-relationship of physical, mental and emotional stress. We start to unravel the “ball of wool” of your stress, implementing practical strategies each week to reduce your stress triggers and activate your parasympathetic nervous system. This programme is very personalised and our focus will be on your individual circumstances and responses.

Your Relationship with Time – 6 Week Programme 

Are you always short on time? In this programme we take a holistic approach to time management, where we examine your beliefs and attitudes towards time and the connection between energy and time. This programme is also very practical. I help you to implement the most effective time management systems for focus, efficiency and more down time!

Boost My Nutrition – 6 Week Programme

Maximising our nutrition has never been important than today with the demands and stresses of our modern world. This programme is all about nutrient density. Together we look at your current diet and how you can easily incorporate more nutrient-dense foods for increased health, wellbeing, energy and healing.

Gut Health Kickstart – 6 Week Programme

“All disease begins in the gut.” – Hippocrates. Gut health impacts not only our physical health but our emotional and mental health as well. In this programme we assess your current digestive health and implement strategies each week to support efficient digestion and a thriving gut microbiome.

Reducing Toxicity – 6 Week Programme

This programme focuses on identifying and reducing the toxins that we are all exposed to daily. Step by step, I support you to identify sources of toxicity in your life and to reduce or eliminate these. You will establish new habits to support you for a lifetime of improved health. This programme can be done before or after Supporting the Body’s Detoxification Systems 6 Week Programme, or by itself.

Supporting the Body’s Detoxification Systems – 6 Week Programme

In today’s world our bodies often struggle to cope with huge toxic loads. During this programme we implement strategies each week to support your body’s detoxification systems to work efficiently. These strategies are personalised to your unique needs and are designed to benefit you in the long term, not just for the duration of the programme. This programme can be done before or after the Reducing Toxicity 6 Week Programme, or by itself.

Investigating Food Intolerance – 6 Week Programme

Food intolerances today are extremely common, and many of us are eating foods that are harming us without realising. This means that all our efforts towards a healthy lifestyle can be thwarted by digestive issues, which inhibit our ability to process and release toxins and absorb nutrients. Intolerances are more common today due to strain on our digestive systems caused by environmental and dietary toxins, as well the fact that much of our food today is different from the same food in the past: modified, sprayed and highly processed. An elimination diet is an effective way of discovering food intolerances, and this has the potential to be life changing. In this programme I guide you through an elimination trial of either dairy or gluten, supporting you to adjust your current diet with suggested alternatives, helpful products, tips and tricks.

Enjoying Pregnancy and Early Motherhood – 6 Week or 12 Week Programme

Did you know that your gut health during pregnancy and breast feeding impacts the health of your baby for its lifetime?

Did you know that the choices you make during pregnancy and the early days with baby can reduce baby’s chances of developing colic and reflux?

Did you know that there are ways that you can improve the quality of your sleep, despite waking during the night due to pregnancy or caring for baby?

Pregnancy and early motherhood place great demands on your body, as you nurture your growing baby as well as yourself. Caring for yourself on all levels has never been more important, but this can be difficult due to increased fatigue. This is where I help, with weekly online coaching sessions supporting you to increase your energy levels so that you can enjoy this precious time, and maximise your baby’s health and wellbeing. My philosophy is “simple and achievable”, and I share many tips and tricks for easily achieving optimal nutrition, movement, minimising toxicity, managing stress and optimising sleep. Your programme is designed around your individual needs and preferences, at your pace and on your terms. You can begin your programme at any time, either during or after pregnancy. Flexibility is essential for new mums, and you may wish to take time out from the coaching sessions around the time of your baby’s birth. My aim is always to support and nurture you and baby in the way that best suits you.

What is your investment?

All 6 week courses are only $230, or $39.95 weekly.

Contact Sandie at or 021 144 6290 to book.